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The index measures the relationship between height and weight, helping you to judge whether your body is lean or fat!

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Let's calculate the exact BMI!

BMI is a useful indicator. You can calculate your standard BMI and health progress each day with HEY Fitness Training, an online workout and weight loss menu that helps lose fat easily.

Weight control through BMI calculator has long been applied by nutritionists and top fitness trainers.

Body mass index (BMI) formula


Belgian scientist Mr. Adolphe Quetelet introduced the concept and formula of BMI in the early years of the 19th century, and was used by the World Health Organization to give information about the balance of the body. from which to assess the status of overweight, underweight or meet the standards of the World Health Organization.

This body mass index is calculated by dividing your body weight (kg) by the square of your height (m).

Standard BMI information used to assess overweight and obesity

Although the BMI test does not directly measure fat, many studies (e.g., the BMC Public Health) demonstrated that the BMI calculation formula correlates with direct measurement of fat through 3-point subcutaneous fat measurement, or fat measurement via electronic device.

Well, BMI is widely used by hospital physicians to classify and evaluate weight-related health problems such as overweight or obesity, or Malnutrition.

BMI online

Table of ideal BMI WHO & Vietnam standard

What BMI is normal?

The standard BMI applied according to the assessment of the World Health Organization's standards for Europeans shows that, with the calculated results from 18.5 to 25, it is normal.

Well, The BMI standard for Vietnamese people is different from that of other populations due to ethnic characteristics and lifestyle. A BMI of 18.5 to 22.99 is considered normal for Vietnamese people. (According to Wikipedia).

If the BMI is over 30, it means that the person is overweight or obese and has a worrisome health problem.

Chỉ số BMI

Regarding the BMI calculated by HEY Fitness:

We use a computer-based BMI calculation method. Thereby overcoming the limitation of manual calculation formula.

Applies to both men and women, this tool helps you quantify body fat in a relative way to change your diet accordingly.

Not only that, we have also developed a tool to help you identify ideal weight calculator based on the formula for calculating ideal weight using A.I.

This tool calculates based on your age, gender and height, your bodybuilding needs (natural / prolific body shape).


We do not recommend to use this online bmi measure tool for pregnant women, children and adolescents and professional athletes because bmi is not a true reflection of health and disease conditions. of this target group.

Because the assessment of BMI or BMI chart at this time does not accurately reflect the health and pathological status of this group of subjects.

Proper nutrition and exercise improve weight & health problems

Want to have a beautiful body and not worry about health problems, reduce the risk of chronic diseases? Exercise regularly and adjust your diet properly. liên quan đến tim mạchExercise regularly and adjust your nutrition properly.

Regular physical activity, suitable for age and gender, helps to burn fat and is good for the body, limiting the risk of obesity & blood pressure. You should make an appointment và cholesterol cao.

You might want to Get in Shape with Your PT to get the most effective training guide.

And don't forget to join HEY Fitness Training to have a scientific diet, regularly monitor health status.

Last but not least, calculate your BMI for free with a specialized BMI formula with thousands of people.

Cách tính BMI

BMI 18

If your BMI is 18, you're a bit underweight. Eek!

BMI 24

BMI 24 means you have a great body. Congratulations!

BMI 29

Your BMI of 29 suggests that you're overweight and approaching obesity. That's something to be aware of and to take steps to address.

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