Schedule your workout with a personal trainer.

Exercise and nutrition are key to achieving health and fitness goals.

Tập Gym với PT

Let's start with 1:1 coaching

Transform your physique under the guidance of a highly qualified Personal Trainer.!

Tập Gym bài bản

Lose weight, lose fat

The exercise program is designed specifically for your physical and medical condition to help you safely lose weight.

Tips for healthy meals

Nutrition consulting

We offer guidance on meals and nutrition, as well as support for healthy goals.

No weight loss pills, no fasting.

Tập Gym chuẩn quốc tế

Get in shape with a CPT

A certified personal trainer helps you to improve your balance, strength, muscles & get a lean body.


“With 5 years of experience in the fitness industry, we have had the incredible privilege of witnessing countless individuals achieve their goals of weight loss, enhanced wellness, and a more youthful demeanor.

However, there are also numerous individuals who quit due to their inability to find the appropriate training method.

Thankfully, armed with the knowledge of scientific fitness training from a NASM-certified personal trainer, USA , we aim to help you recapture your youth and vitality.”

Tập Gym

Get a perfect workout

with your PT

Cutting-edge training methods for optimized health and fitness.

60 minutes/session

6 Am → 8 Am, 15 Pm → 19 Pm

Đốt cháy mỡ, sở hữu hình thể đẹp, sắc nét - chế độ tập luyện hiệu quả, tiết kiệm thời gian khi tập cùng huấn luyện viên gym cá nhân.

Leading technology

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology to accurately measure and evaluate fitness metrics, ensuring precise results.

No additional costs.

Free gym membership

There are no extra costs to pay. Everything is included in the package.

Science and efficiency

Experience the ultimate level of continuous support to kickstart your fitness journey, whether your goal is to shed those extra pounds, sculpt your body, or conquer your fitness milestones.

Weekly index measurement

To maximize the effectiveness of your workout, we monitor your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and heart rate on a weekly basis.

Tips for healthy meals

Create a well-rounded, scientific meal plan that will not only enhance your performance but also align with your unique objectives, be it building muscle, burning fat, or gaining weight.

Health benefits

for you!

Scientifically proven health benefits.

Lose body fat.

Reduce belly fat, outer thighs, biceps step by step comprehensively and scientifically.

Long term health

Permanently change your lifestyle, stay healthy for a lifetime, prevent chronic disease.

Enhance sexual health

Special program & exercises to improve physiological life amazingly!

Reverse aging

Younger, preventing hormonal decline and cell aging process according to biological clock.

Get in shape

Firm chest, high buttocks, gradually narrowing waist area to make the body more beautiful.

Cheerful and optimistic spirit

Strong mental effects help reduce stress and depression caused by life pressure.

Giảm cân khoa học

Give your life one more opportunitie instead of sitting on the phone and wasting your life!

  • Principles of standard exercise and scientific eating.
  • No weight loss pills, no fasting.
  • Directly guided by the coach, the intensity of exercise is suitable for the body.

Respect your privacy: HEY Fitness does not use your photos and workout information for promotional purposes without permission.

lose weight

Special training exercises with NASM Certified Personal Trainers

With a high quality Personal Trainer, your trust is in place!!

Choose a package

Rực Rỡ package x 120 sessions (50% off)

Bùng Cháy package x 60 sessions (44% off)

Tự Tin package x 30 sessions (40% off)

Save Your Time & Money

Start with 1:1 coaching, set clear goals with a qualified Coach. Save time, money, and get fit now.




What is my training

Perfect workout plan for your goal from Certified Personal Trainer.

Fun and exciting exercise for both men and women. You may prefer to work out with weights or no equipment at the gym.

Gym sessions will benefit your long-term health and help you stay in good shape

If you practice properly, practice regularly with a perfect workout plan.

What is the right exercise?

Bodybuilding or weight loss is not a simple sport but includes a lot of exercises, affecting many muscle groups in the body.

Many people, even though they have practiced for a long time, still do not know how to practice properly.

Working out at the gym will help you balance your body, improve your health and avoid injuries if you have a PT to help you during your workout session.

Personal trainer
What is a personal trainer?

Personal trainers help you achieve good results in training in a scientific and methodical manner.

Going to the gym with a CPT is the best way to change your body positively.

Are all PTs the same?

Absolutely not! Most of the PTs at the gym are self-proclaimed PTs, not recognized by reputable sports organizations.

Many people are completely ignorant of gymnastics, body anatomy and basic medicine and physiology, guiding rigid exercises.

The few remaining are highly qualified, professional PTs.

Is HEY Fitness PT's quality?

HEY Fitness PTs are qualified and certified by NASM, National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA, undergo professional training, understand training, human body and specialized issues.

Working out with HEY Fitness PT means you're guaranteed the highest quality, safest, and most effective training with the same quality as the PT at top fitness centers , with the cost is only 1/3.

Training locations

Our gym partners are located in Soc Son, Hanoi.

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1-ON-1 weight loss coaching.

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