Orders policy

HEY Fitness applies a preferential and flexible sales policy for customers to exercise and lose weight with a coach and/or lose weight at home with the HEY Fitness Training app.

Reschedule, refund

  • Orders and booked packages are non-refundable under any circumstances, except for the 21-day HEY Fitness Training at home package if there is a refund icon (conditions apply).
  • Customers training with a coach who want to change their training schedule need to notify the coach at least 12 hours before the training session and get approval from the coach and HEY Fitness, or send an email to xinchao@m.hey.fitness and get approval from the board manager and coach.
  • In the interest of customers' health, HEY Fitness will cancel the package with the coach or the customer's access to HEY Fitness Training if it does not receive accurate information about the health and medical condition of the practitioner before, during and after training in a timely and complete manner.
  • HEY Fitness has the right to cancel the customer's service package if the customer is not present at the gym on schedule for more than 30% of the total training sessions. Customers arriving late up to 15 minutes after the training session will be canceled the training session.

Delivery policy & scope of supply

  • Customers who practice with the coach will receive the service at the time selected when ordering.
  • The scope of service of the training service package with a coach is within the gyms in Soc Son, Hanoi listed by us. Customers in other regions can still join the package above if they can travel to the area mentioned above on schedule.
  • With HEY Fitness Training software, customers can access immediately after the order is successfully paid and confirmed from the system.
  • HEY Fitness Training is offered globally, with instant access.

Payment policy

Customers can pay online via ATM card, Visa, Master Card, JCB, American Express, wire transfer with all service packages, and can pay directly at HEY Fitness office, or pay online. Online math according to the above online methods, with a training service package with a coach.

100% money back program

The sales policy's "100% refund program if you don't lose weight" only applies to the 21-day at-home training package (HEY Fitness Training 21 days) if there is a logo or banner 100% Refund if no reduction when registering.

Refund condition: "100% refund if no weight loss" – applied if the customer does not have any disease according to the conditions of meeting the exercise program, fully practicing the training sessions according to the instructional video without skipping any any movement, and at the same time fully implement the menu and recommendations for good living habits to lose weight.

Refund requests need to be sent to HEY Fitness Training by the practitioner himself within 24 hours of the end of the current package.

HEY Fitness uses computers and humans to determine these parameters and targets, and reserves the right to refuse a refund if a customer does not lose weight without meeting the above conditions.

Training locations

Our gym partners are in Soc Son, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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