Ideal Weight Calculator by A.I. - WeightGPT

Unlock the secret of your body with the ideal weight calculator by A.I to get your ideal weight, suitable for health and physical beauty.

Use this ideal weight measurement with A.I & see how to calculate your goal weight.

Get your ideal weight by A.I. - WeightGPT

Confused about weight? Let's determine the right weight that is both right for you, fashionable and has a feverish taste in the world!

Ideal Weight

WeightGPT calculates the results based on a combination of the standard weight of the World Health Organization and the current trending on the world.


Is the current weight not the same as the ideal weight?


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Calculate ideal body weight: height, age, gender & goal.

Determining the ideal weight of the body is very important to help you determine your current health status.

Maybe you're underweight, or overweight/obesity by the norm?

After many efforts, HEY Fitness would like to send you an ideal body weight calculator based on your body height, combined with gender and age characteristics.

Do you know that the ideal weight for different age groups will not be the same?

Besides, the parameters for men and women are also different because of the difference in the concentration of substances in the body.

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Weight and age.

As your age increases, metabolism slows down. The body accumulates excess fat and becomes heavier. Weight standards for different age groups are calculated differently.

Although this difference is very small, it affects the overall score in the average weight table. So don't be surprised when your normal weight increases as you get older.

Compared with puberty or young adults, the standard index in the weight table tends to increase gradually. Of course, it would be great if you have the weight and abs of your 20s when in fact you are 50 years old

Differences in results related to gender

Men and women have different proportions of bone, fat, and muscle. Generally, men tend to weigh more than women.

In the method of determining ideal weight based on A.I. the goal weight of men is usually 3% - 6% higher than women of the same age and height.

Height and weight.

Of course. Ideal weight is related to the corresponding height.

The higher the height increases, the more reasonable weight also translates and vice versa.

The ratio of weight and height needs to have a reciprocal relationship so that you can be in good shape and in good health. A person who develops a good height needs to have a suitable weight for that height.

Goals and weights.

In any activity: from training program, exercise, energy consumption to building a meal with goal nutrition, HEY Fitness always focuses on the goal of the practitioner.

Your goal is first, and foremost, to determine the parameters needed before setting up your workout plan.

After that, you have necessary information to gain weight because of lack of nutrition, underweight, or need to lose weight because you are overweight or obese.

HEY Fitness ideal weight calculation uses A.I. measure based on user goals. There are 2 goals for you to choose: lean or sexy/muscle.

Goal sexy/muscle is for fitness, or people who have been through training.

What formula do we use to calculate ideal weight?

With the support of the artificial intelligence system, HEY Fitness A.I. helps you find a reasonable weight parameter without having to tinker with, compare with the WHO standard height and weight table.

Do you feel that looking up the height and weight table takes your time?

With the ideal weight formula supported by A.I., you just need to select the parameters of your body and see the results immediately.

Initial formula: Ideal weight (kg) = (Height (cm) – 100 + Age * variable ) * 0.9.

Obviously, this initial formula alone is not enough!

We have calculated based on machine learning system to compare between WHO standard weight and height table and worldwide trending.

Since then, the results are both consistent with health standards and ensure aesthetic factors according to the trend at this time.

Formula to calculate ideal weight

Alternatively, you can use the automatic BMI calculator.

Based on BMI (body mass index), you can see if you are overweight or underweight and adjust accordingly.

Not applicable to measuring children's weight.

This is a tool for adults, over 18 years old. Please do not use to people aged 0-18.

Do you want to assess your child's growth and determine the child's weight or height according to the WHO standard age? Please look up the baby's weight and height table according to the standards of the world health organization.

To help your child thrive, don't hesitate to contact your child's doctor and dietitian if necessary.

Hopefully HEY Fitness's ideal weight calculation formula using AI will help you determine your ideal weight and have the goal of building a suitable body shape.

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